Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chinese Lantern Harvest

Remember that patch of Chinese Lanterns?

I harvested several stems full of them, defoliated the stems, then bound one end in twine:
Then I sprayed the lanterns with hairspray and hung them to dry:


Gill - That British Woman said...

lots of info on those new posts. I don't grow beans, dh loves them I don't.

Keep up the good work, and hope you feel better soon,


Jen said...

I love Chinese Lanterns. Hopefully next year when we are again on our own I'll be able to plant some. I think they look beautiful on a Thanksgiving Table. And decorations for the fall season. Great work on drying them.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Hey Rachel,

I saw something similar in the Terra Greenhouses flyer this week to this Chinese Lantern Wreath:

Wasn't sure what you had planned for your dried chinese lanterns but thought that idea was cute.


Momtosweeties said...

One bit of advice, in case anyone doesn't know. Chinese lanterns are really invasive. I am not sure how fast they spread but they are really hard to get rid of once they have established themselves. I watched my Father inlaw battle with them. I have grown them in a pot :)
I love the look of them.

Tony Destroni said...

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Susan said...

just wondering, why did you spray them with hair spray??

Also, some places I've read say to hang them upside down; others say right side up is fine to. Any thoughts on why one way vs. the other?

thanks, SUsan

CannedAm said...

To strengthen them, so they don't shatter or fall apart while drying. Works for dried flowers, too. :)

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