Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fountain Pictures!

The tall sprayer:The tall burbler:
Low sprayer:

The keeper:

The tall ones throw out too much water, so we're not sticking with them. Maybe one day when the pond grows in diameter. They would be great for someone with a much larger pond. We like the low fountain. We don't lose much water, it sounds nice, and it looks good.

As for an update on the pond: we're down to two fish. We don't know what happened. Initially, we figured birds of some sort got them, but one floated to the surface yesterday, so it wasn't that. The two who are still alive have more than doubled in size. The plants are growing. We had to add barley straw as algae was growing. We need to get a couple snails to clean things up in there.

I'll get that rock garden up soon. I keep adding plants to it. I have a few more to add and then I'll show you pictures.

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