Monday, September 29, 2008

Gardening Mistakes I Hope Not to Make Next Year

I don't think I want to plant sunflowers near my vegetable garden. Two years in a row they are covered in powdery mildew and spread it on to the other plants. I love the sunflowers, don't get me wrong. I do not like my cucumbers covered in the powdery mildew. I'll see if the city will let me plant them around the telephone pole in the tree lawn. I think they'd be happy there and my veggies will be safe.

Peppers....I'll plant them much earlier next year and start them inside much earlier than I did last year. I think we got started in March. I'll try early February next year so that they're much larger.

Maters....I won't crowd them so much. Though they did fine, it's a real pain to pick them and I think they'll mature more quickly with a bit more space.

Beans....I'm planting more of them, a different variety & I'll have a finch feeder nearby. Those bean beetles really pissed me off.

Nematodes. I'm buying some as early as I can. The kind that eat all the bad nasties hiding in the soil waiting to eat our those bean beetles. Grrrr.

Better soil in the square foot boxes. I'm not entirely sold on Mel's Mix though I might have to try it in one box just for comparison. I don't like the idea of using Peat Moss so heavily. Despite what the Canadian government says about our Peat Moss supplies being perfectly's still a limited resource and what kind of damage are we doing to the environments from which we strip it?

I'll use more of my front flower beds for vegetables. I have plans, oh I have plans. I had tomatoes out there this year and they tasted amazing being next to a garden oregano plant. Just wonderful. Now I'll plant a few more things out there.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now.

Sorry for the long absence. Gardening has been kind of sucky recently, plus my camera was broken pictures.


Kim said...

Sounds like you have a great plan for next year. I'm sure you and your family are enjoying all the hard work that you put into it this year and the wonderful bounties it's provided.

headly said...

i know very little about gardening. i am quite envious of all of your knowledge. i may try and grow a e things in the new year. what do you recommend for a newbie gardener,

CannedAm said...

Hi headly! Thank you for the compliment! First start with really good soil...I think a mix of good top soil like "black earth" with compost (I like sheep manure) is perfect. Since you're in Nova what the locals do. :) I think you'll have a shorter growing season than we do, but there are plenty of crops you can grow. Start with peas. I find them very easy and after they finish you can put something in in their place, like lettuce (depends again on your area. Check out You can enter your postal code and get all kinds of information on what to do when in your growing zone. It'll give you the planting dates, too! Love that site. Have to poke around a bit, but there's a gardening link at the top. Let me know what you decide to do next year! The only things I've found difficult or maybe more needy to grow are cucumbers, squash (last year was a bad year for it, though & didn't grow any this year) celery & cabbage because of the bugs. Carrots...easy, just plant them and let them grow. Cucumbers have been difficult for me here because of the high humidity and dampness...have had the powdery mildew two years in a row. This year it's really bad, I see it in everyone's gardens all over the place. Peas are my favourite because you can plant them before you can do much in the garden at all...even when there's still snow!

Keep an eye on the blog, I'm going to track our seed starting and such next year too so you'll get some tips on that. We're still learning! I like to break from convention too, so I often step outside the local's comfort zone and plant early or late with some things to good results so far :) The almanac site helps :)

tanyaa said...

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