Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holy Fat Carrots, Batman!

Yeh, the centimeters don't mean anything to me, either. They're about 6" long & 6" across. The really fat one, I need to take a tape measure to it, because I think it's about 10" circumference. These were winter storage carrots that got so darned fat. My other carrots were long and pretty thick, too, but nothing like this! Have a half bushel to slice & freeze this week.


headly said...

wow, that is some crazy looking carrots. but bet they will be

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CannedAm said...

They are soooooo good! Just beautiful colour too when they're cooked. I made a roast and sliced up two of these (not close to that big) and it was 4 cups sliced carrots. SO very very good. Seems like we've got a lot, but I bet they won't last the year!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

It must be the season for fat carrots as I have had a few in my garden as well. At least something grew well this year in my garden.


Jen said...

Holy Huge!!!

Tag, your it!!

Anonymous said...
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ChrisJ said...

Those certainly are fat carrots! Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't posted much on the Photo ATC's blog because I actually have five blogs all for different reasons, so for now FLAMBLOG is my main blog and Chris J Prisma Color Art blog is my second most active one -- except for my Bible Study one, Chris's Comments, where I post my notes from my Bible Study that I lead at church for those who missed the study that week or anyone else who may be interested. Phew! That's really enough for me. Although I'm retired, I'm not THAT retired! But I am out of commission for a couple of weeks unless I can find a wi-fi where we are going.

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