Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winnie in the Sky with.....something that sounds like diamonds

Come on, tell me you cannot see Winnie the Pooh's profile in that big ol' cloud over Lake Ontario.

Not seeing it, eh?

How about now? (Man, look at that storm all the way across the lake over....ummmm....errrr.....Burlington (??) I think.)

Okay, one more:

Now what's a Winnie the Pooh cloud have to do with gardening?

That cloud and its 18 bazillion buddies has been hanging over Ontario for the past couple of months. They're the reason my maters aren't ripe yet. Come on, give me some more sun.

According to The Weather Network , Ontarian farmers are loving the wet weather. Sure, I lost a couple things to wilt last year from the heat. But Jimminy Crickets...I'd sure like the sun to make more than spot appearances and ripen up my veggies! We in Ontario are literally STUCK in this low pressure system that cannot escape our borders thanks to high pressure systems wedging it in right where it's been the past two-and-a-half months. We're breaking records for rainfall. We beat out previous records for June and July and we're well on our way to beating out records for the whole summer, according to this article also at The Weather Network.

I just want my maters to go from green to red!

And let's please not spend too much time pondering why it is I see Winnie the Pooh in that cloud!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I saw it right away, so you're not going loopy.....well at least not today....

I too wish my tomatoes would turn red, its all going to happen when we are away on vacation and my neighbours will be the only ones that gain from it all...oh well!!

Kim said...

Very cool cloud! Yesterday my 6yo pointed out a cloud that looked like a croc, too bad I didn't think to take a pic because it really did! I'm so sick of the rain or threat of rain everyday too - enough already.

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