Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freecycle Score for the Garden!

Do you freecycle?  Freecycle is truly a grass-roots movement that's spread world-wide. Community members freecycle items to one another instead of sending those items on to landfills.  You can search for your local community at the link above.  Locally we started a plantcycle group to share garden plants with one another.

This is my most recent freecycle score:

This statue and birdbath were gifted to me by a local freecycler who no longer wanted them.

I think I'll be placing the boy somewhere else.  I can plant something shallow rooted in the base.  I'm thinking Sweet Alyssum, or perhaps a succulent or stonecrop of some sort.

It's enormous! About 3' across and 8" deep. 

It holds an 8" planter.  The hamster wheel in my brain is turning furiously trying to decide what I'll plant in it.  Something tall in the center, surrounded by something dangly.
What do you think? 
Last fall I saved this chair from the landfill by yanking it off the curb on trash day:  
It will be a planter when I'm done with it and I think it will go near the birdbath.  I will blog its transformation.  


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