Thursday, July 17, 2008

"In Ancient Times, Cats Were Worshipped As Gods;

they have not forgotten this.” - Terry Pratchett

My four current foster cats are available for adoption. Adoption will be at Pet Value on Glendale Avenue (in the Pendale Plaza) Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday at PetSmart in the Fairview Plaza from 10 AM until 5 PM. Adoption fee is only $140 through the St. Catharines’ Animal Assistance Society. These cats have been neutered or spayed, received all shots, and flea treatments, deworming and have been fostered in my home with 2 adults and 3 children for the past two months. That's $50 less than the Humane Society and these cats have been fostered in a family home.

Their Rescue Story

Rocky belonged to a man who owned a home from which he rented out an apartment. The tenant owned the other three cats. The owner died and the tenant moved. All 4 cats were left abandoned. The owner’s children showed up and released the cats from the home, but provided them no care. Luckily, a good person on the same street saw the cats and began feeding them three times a day. However, these cats were not getting socialized to people and were getting no medical care. They were getting wild. I can't imagine the traumas they suffered being kept in an empty building for who knows how long, then being chased out the door like varmints. Two of the cats are rather timid and need continued nurturing to continue developing trusting relationships with humans. This is certainly understandable, given their abandonment.

Let me tell you about these cats -- each has a personality distinctly its own.


He’s a big cat. Tall and lean, having a long neck – he’s very elegant. He is the one who makes me think of Pratchett’s quote each time I see him sitting sphinx-like on the furniture. He has a deep growl that reminds me of a wildcat’s and actually scared me when he first came to us. It turns out he’s a giant pussy cat who’s somewhat timid and would rather not be bothered by the other cats, except on his terms. He will play…but a very playful kitten will annoy him quickly whereupon you’ll hear the fearsome growl. (When first I heard it late at night I thought some silly person was revving a motorcycle down the road.) He’s also a giant baby. He will curl up in your lap (despite the fact that most laps will not accommodate him) and head butt your hand to demand a good petting. He loves to have his face and head scratched. Rocky likes thing neat and tidy. If his water hasn't just been drawn fresh from the tap, he might jump on the bathroom sink and request a very fresh drink! (Yes, I indulge my foster kitties.) Rocky might come across as intimidating at the Adopt-a-thon as he does not like being caged. Don't let him fool you. He's a giant suck without an aggressive bone in his body!


Tiger is the ADHD kid in the house. He is rambunctious and playful and full of energy. He will play for hours on end. He’s affectionate and nosy (curious.) He likes to nibble naked toes for some reason. This tickles the kids to no end. (Literally!) He likes to play smackdown with the other kitties – especially the largest ones (my Soxxy is a 20-lb heavyweight, Rocky’s a middleweight. Tiger’s a featherweight!) Tiger struts through the house as if to say “I’m bad. I’m bad.” He’s a gangsta kitty with no idea how small he is. (Maybe it’s a Napoleon complex at work there.) He is quite enjoyable. The kids giggle at him all the time. He loves his toys and will try to get into a carrier to get them out. He will hide them when he’s done with them, too – though he obviously knows where he hides them because he’ll get them back out to play with them later. He’ll make a great family pet. I don’t think even a pet dog would be a problem for this guy as he has no fear and no conception of his own small size. In case I don't manage to get a picture of Tiger up before this posts, Tiger is also a brown tabby, lighter in colouring and leaner than Momma kitty below. Because he likes to play-fight and doesn't know when to quit, he might do best in a home without a lot of other kitties.

*Tattoed "Skipper" due to mix-up at vet's.


Skipper was so named because she will skip about in a cat carrier as she seems to hate being in them. However, we found that if she can just see another cat she is fine. We call her Momma kitty because she’s the nurturer in the group. She grooms everybody. She’s also a bit on the timid side, though she will curl up next to you for a good petting. She needs to be with other cats. (So that she can nurture them!)

*Tattoed "Tiger" (mixup at vet's.) Momma is darker than the real Tiger and has a bit of a belly.

UPDATE: Kisa has found his forever home! Yay! We miss you Kisa! (August 30, 2008)


We thought Kisa was a girl. Turns out, he’s not. You’ll have to give him a new name. We call him Whitey because of his white markings. He is very small -- the size of a six-month-old kitten, but he is full-grown. He has large, round eyes. He is EXTREMELY TIMID. He needs a quiet home. When Whitey first came to us, he stayed downstairs and would only venture upstairs when all the two-leggers were sleeping. When a two-legger ventured downstairs, Whitey found numerous hiding places for escape. Whitey only started coming upstairs around us furless folk last week. Mine is a noisy house. Whitey is socialized to other cats, but he’s not especially comfortable with people yet. I don’t recommend him for people with young children as I’ve seen him dart and run when my 4-year-old shouts or cries out. He is very frightened of small children, though my children have done nothing to warrant this. (I think it’s the loud unpredictability that bothers him.) He likes my eight-year old and will actually come to him for kitty treats.

Anyone who heads out to one of these Adopt-a-thons: The Animal Assistance Society is in need of more foster homes. Please let Lucy know if you are interested in fostering cats and kittens to prepare them for adoption. It's not a huge obligation at all and everything for their care and keep is provided by the Animal Assistance Society.


Kim said...

Such cute kitties! I grew up with cats at home and sometimes miss the comfort they can bring. But, my allergies & I do not miss all the cat hair! It was very generous of you to open up your home to all of them.

CannedAm said...

There is nothing itchier than cat hair on the nose! I get it all the time! My oldest son has a reaction to the cats. He's on his own now & loves the cats, but hates the allergic reaction!

I felt that having fosters was 1) a good way for the kids to learn about giving to society & helping those most helpless 2) a learning experience 3) an opportunity to always have an animal (or 8) in the house. At first the kids had a hard time letting go of the kitties as they left us to be adopted. My 8YO tells me, sometimes misty eyed when the kitties leave, "they're going to a good home. We got them ready for that. That's a good thing." He's got a good heart.

Denise said...

Thankfully there are people in the world like you to take care of these darling animals. They are beautiful cats and it's very hard knowing that so many of them are abandoned. In the place I work the owner started feeding a few strays in the neighborhood. Some of us gave them a home and those of us who couldn't we found homes for them, and there were two or three litters of the prettiest little kittens. This before we could coax their mommies into a container, so that we could take them to the vets to get fixed. I am happy to say they are all living out their lives in warm, loving homes. Some of those people who adopted them occasionally send us e-mails with pictures.

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