Monday, May 12, 2008

The Year of Many Garden Projects

Pictures to come in future posts.

Of our garden projects we have completed our small water garden. It now contains several small hardy plants, 4 small fish, and a floating solar fountain.

We have also:

  • completed our rock garden
  • completed two thirds of our retaining wall around our driveway
  • removed the grass & weeds from 20 feet of our 4' wide side strip of side yard
  • planted about 40 perennials
  • added compost and manure to our vegetable and perennial beds
  • reseeded lawn that needed it
  • installed a wood stove on our patio
  • planted two different types of peas
  • planted two different types of carrots
  • planted beets
  • removed blossoms from 1st year daughter strawberry plants
  • installed a rock path through our large garden bed
  • transplanted and removed day lillies we didn't want
  • planted pampas grass where the day lillies were
We still need to:
  • build our square foot beds. They are now two 4 x 4 foot beds.
  • plant out the side yard with ground covers
  • plant the rest of our vegetables
  • plant annual flowers
  • install a brick wall around the water garden
  • finish painting the *&$#%ing porch
  • re-set our post for our clothesline
  • possibly install a bog garden next to the water garden
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch!
I bet there's more! We definitely have our work cut out for us. I will begin sharing pictures of the projects we have completed.


What projects do you have going on?

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Nita said...

nice going there cous, how many packs a day did you smoke? you probably don't have enough property to un- I'm having trouble just keeping up with weed=wacking, our project days are done, that is really good for the kids tho, something they will remember, & LEARN. Have Fun :)

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